Linova Masterclasses Decorative Techniques

With Julien Gautier, Friederike Schulz and Gert Jan Nijsse.

Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 May, after the Practical Friday of Decorative Techniques & Artisan Paintworks, our “Painter's Party” (Friday May 10) will continue for those who want to get to work themselves.

We have invited a few top qualified teachers from the decorative painting profession, to offer the chance developing your skills even more. All techniques will be carried out in the new glazing paint “Acrilino”. Of course, sharing knowledge and a good portion of socializing are of paramount importance. We look forward to seeing you!

Linova Masterclasses

General info

  • Please note that in Zutphen and the surrounding area, there are plenty of excellent and affordable options available for an overnight stay.
  • Register now! There are only 15 places available per Masterclass. A Masterclass lasts 1 day from 10 am to 4 pm (including an excellent lunch) Registration will be only be possible on our registration form:
  • Materials and surfaces are of course available. Tools and brushes you have to bring your own. You will therefor receive a list of tools that the teachers advise, after you have registrated.


Please read carefully before ordering. All amounts are excl. 21% VAT.
Participation in 1 Master Class is € 245, but pay attention to the discount options:

  • When participating in a Master Class on Saturday as well as on Sunday, meaning a registration for 2 master classes, you only pay  € 450,- ( In addition to the masterclasses, you also select this discount option in the application form)

  • Then there is a € 25 Discount per Master Class for those who have previously taken part in our Proceed course*
    * These took place: 
    January 13, 2017 at Linova with Gert Jan Nijsse
    May and June 2016 with Gert Jan Nijsse and Lori Wilson in ‘s Heer Arendskerke, Breda and Zutphen.

    In addition to the Master class, you also select this discount option in the application form

    (If you participate in 2 masterclasses, you also select 2 times this discount option in the application form)

  • Youth discount: Of course we would like to encourage young people to further develop their skills in the beautiful painter's craft. If you are younger than 25 years, we will give you  a € 25 discount per master class. (In addition to the master class, you also select this discount option in the application form.  If you participate in 2 masterclasses you select 2x this discount code)

If you have any questions about participating in the Masterclasses, please contact by email: or call us on + 31 575 542300 Annelies and Linda will be happy to help.




The Teachers & Masterclasses

Friederike Schulz

Friederike Schulz Masterclass

Friederike Schulz  from Hamburg Germany is recently proclaimed by the German Painters Magazin to be “Painter off the year 2019” in the category: “Special Painting Techniques”. She has studied Decorative Painting Techniques in Paris and owns her own studio more than 20 years in Hamburg. Friederike teaches at the University in Wuppertal, among others and recently she established her own school with the name Wadek: Werkstatt & Akademie der Dekorationsmalerei Hamburg. (Workshop and Academy of Decorative Painting).Grunderzeit, Biedermeier, Jugendstil en Bauhaus are her Specialties in Decorative Painting Techniques.

F1 In her Masterclass on Saturday May 11 you will learn different Acrilino Glazing techniques to create a patinated wall with an imitation of a textile structure.

F2 In her Masterclass on Sunday May 12 you will learn how to make a hand-painted Art Nouveau pattern in 5 steps with various glazing techniques.

Julien Gautier

Julien Gautier Masterclass

Julien Gautier is a decorative painter from France. He is educated by Yannick Guegan, amongst others. He is a talented painter and makes art for the most beautiful projects. He generaly works in Nantes and Paris, but he also completed many projects internationally. His book Art of Decorative Painting has recently been published, with which he wants to share his knowledge and methods. He speaks perfectly English and would like to reveal his skills in his Masterclasses. Julien works with Acrilino Glaze in modern Decorative Techniques. In the Linova Masterclass, Julien will mainly focus on Trompe l’oeil techniques, he is a true specialist in this and can teach you a lot of tips and tricks.

J1 In his Masterclass on Saturday May 11 you will paint a decorative Trompe l’oeil panel with the title: “Knock on my door”.

J2 In his Masterclass on Sunday May 12 you will paint ‘faux’ moldings and ornaments in a Grisaille technique.

Gert-Jan Nijsse 

Gert-Jan Nijsse Masterclass

Gert-Jan Nijsse  has been active in the field of imitation techniques for more than 30 years. He has learned the tricks of the decorative trade in various places in the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Due to the long search for the possibilities of low-solvent products, his insights were also requested in the development of the “Acrilino”. The results were very convincing and the step to the right method was made.

This Masterclass gives the opportunity to become familiar with the possibilities of working effectively with Acrilino within the field of marble imitations. The feeling of being able to work in oil, but also to perform several operations within one day, means that ‘on the job’ the techniques can be carried out faster and equally convincingly. One must have a well/prepared plan, but then the implementation becomes fun!


G1 In his Masterclass on Saturday May 11 you will practice and learn about wood imitation Crotch of Lemonwood and heart-grain of Teak.

G2 In his Masterclass on Sunday May 12  you will create imitations of Grey “Brêche”and Red Levanto Marble.

Dank voor uw inschrijving!